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Don’t wait too long – it might be fixed soon

Since we are taking advantage of a bug on EA Sports FUT WebApp, there might be the chance this bug will get fixed sooner or later. We can only recommend you to use the Coin and Points Generator as long as you can. We are trying hard to keep it alive, so we are always updating it with new features and bugfixes.


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Look, EA is earning lots of money on FIFA Ultimate Team. Much more money they earn by selling the actual FIFA 17 game. Ask yourself: What are the gamer getting in return? A game full of bugs. Poor gameplay, shitty goalkeepers and server which are slower than Mertesacker. To say it clearly: They have to deliver quality first! Earning millions per month on FUT, but still having bad servers? Big joke. I hope you can understand why we are doing this and offering the FIFA 17 Hack. It is on our and your behalf.

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